CPA Firms: What’s Your Future?

What’s Next For You, Your Practice, and Your Firm?

GYL is seeking mergers, acquisitions, and partnering opportunities with like-minded organizations that share our goals and values. Our mid-sized firm is interested in:

  • Acquiring key talent at any level
  • A&A at 40% of gross billing and/or high-end tax practice
  • Product extension/niche expertise
  • Cultural fit
  • Bill rate compatibility or a willingness to evolve

How Would You Benefit?

GYL structures deals that are beneficial to both parties. We offer opportunities that meet your goals and ours. From delayed retirement with cost sharing to immediate transition, we can help you in a variety of ways. Employee growth opportunities for advancement and professional development are offered at all levels.

How Would Your Clients Benefit?

AT GYL we are client-focused and proactive. Multiple partners and managers who have diverse expertise and a variety of skill sets ensure that your clients will be well-serviced. We are affiliated with a global network of more than 10,000 CPAS and consultants which gives our Firm access to a wide range of expert resources.

Why CPA Firms Seek Us Out?

At GYL, our Firm operates on a solid business structure that is based on current best practices and standards. We offer the highest quality accounting, consulting, and tax services to all of our clients. As a mid-sized firm located in Ontario, California, GYL is open to continued growth through a variety of approaches including branching out into new geographic areas outside of the Inland Empire.

We enjoy above-average revenue per FTE staff ratio and have a number of talented and personable staff members with partnership potential. Our Firm billing rate per hour is above the industry norm. Our affiliations with a global network of 10,000+ CPAs and consultants provides instant access to expert resources as well as powerful solutions for your clients without costly overhead bureaucracy.

GYL was created in 1998 through a merger of three firms. Since then, numerous profitable transactions and continued growth has positioned us to be a leader in our marketplace. Our niche and in-depth industry expertise guarantees that our clients will be well-served.

If you’re looking for a change, affiliation, expense sharing, merger, retirement, or an outright sale, contact us today.