Construction accounting has many unique aspects that require an expert. Being successful these days takes more than being a good technician. Having the right entity, bank support and understanding the numbers are all necessary to maximize effectiveness in today’s competitive environment.

Cash flow…job costing…overhead allocation…bidding procedures…bonding issues…compliance…all affect your bottom line. With years of expertise gained from assisting construction companies, contractors, subcontractors, architects, and engineers, we know the challenges of the business and provide solid and innovative solutions.

The most important relationship a business owner can develop is with their CPA, we are fortunate to have found Mark Rivera and the GYL team. His knowledge has helped us in making business decisions that not only saved us money but helped our business grow.

— Christian D. Sorenson President, Esplanade Builders Inc.

Services for Construction

Over time, we have built a team of professional experts who provide specialized services to the construction industry.

These services include:

  • Assurance services, including audited, reviewed and compiled financial statements
  • Tax services, including corporate, partnership and individual tax return preparation
  • Cash flow projections and other analyses related to debt restructure
  • Financial analysis, including gross margin, overhead allocation, job costing, bidding procedures and results of cost overruns, change orders and warranty costs
  • Forensic and litigation support, including evaluation of internal controls and accounting policies and procedures, designing and implementing internal control systems and conducting investigations of employee abuse and embezzlements
  • Training on software — QuickBooks, Master Builder, American Contractor, etc.
  • Outsourced Accounting Department Services– we pay the bills and invoice your clients
  • Assistance with applying for and receiving training dollars from the EDD. You pay for it, why not use it?
  • Tax planning all phases — Take it out or leave it in? How to maximize favorable rates, which saves you money
  • Captive insurance — when applicable, a powerful tool. Another tool to build equity outside of your business
  • Financial planning — How much do you need? When and what is your risk tolerance?
  • ESOP — in certain situations, a great vehicle for an owner to exit and delay taxation
  • Cost segregation — for those who own their own facility
  • IRS representation — we fight for you and are not afraid to challenge them
  • Employment search — controllers and CFOs. We assist with seeking out candidates, testing, and finding candidates
  • Bank consulting — this includes analysis of your current situation and suggestions for improvement
  • Business succession planning — how do you get the value out when you decide to step away?

Our construction clients know we are committed to improving their business, to getting things right the first time, providing prompt services and exceeding expectations.

Our specialists are available to meet with you for a free consultation.