Commercial Real Estate

There are numerous complex business and tax issues to be resolved around real estate transactions – whether they originate from commercial property or income-generating rental properties. To help you navigate these, our experienced professionals can provide you with the analysis and guidance you need.

We work with a variety of real estate developers, property management companies and commercial construction contractors, and our experience covers rental housing, commercial retail and office space, properties receiving federal and state tax credits from the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (CTCAC), and HUD-assisted properties. Regardless of size or complexity, we can help you obtain the best result.

Our specialized accounting professionals are dedicated to addressing your financial operations which enables you to maximize profitability on your real estate investments. We provide customized, accurate reporting aimed at improving the management of your assets.

GYL delivers accounting services with the highest dedication to responsiveness, quality, innovation and client focus. We offer insights and recommendations on performance improvement to support your organizational objectives and operational requirements. Our clients rely on our experience, systems and processes to optimize the value of each of their real estate investments.

The commercial real estate sector is dynamic. Changes in the economy, fluctuating interest rates and shifts in demand can all have a significant impact on your business. Strategies for today may not be effective tomorrow. To structure your business for success, you need to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible, allowing you to capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Service Offerings:

  • Audit of the financial statements
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Cost certifications
  • Eligibility certifications
  • Cash flow projections and analysis
  • Financing solutions
  • Tax sensitive transactional structures
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Technical terminations
  • Transfer taxes
  • Year-round planning
  • Assistance with sales and re-syndication
  • Risk management

Clients of GYL are able to reap the benefits of our being a one-stop solutions provider. We are able to offer access to a network of resources that is comparable to the large, national firms while maintaining the personalized service one expects from a smaller firm. In short, we provide the best of both worlds. This is simply our commitment to client service.

Our Firm has extensive knowledge in LLC tax compliance. Partnership taxation has been expressed by some of our most experienced tax educators as the most complex area of the Internal Revenue Tax Code. GYL services over 140 partnership tax returns “many with extremely complicated transactions”. Our niche, in the area of partnership taxation, enables us to insure that our partnership/LLC clients are in compliance with all new and existing laws and regulations.

Did you know?

  • We have over 30 real estate engagements pertaining to the performance of audits of residential rental real estate syndications, and numerous other tax and accounting engagements relating to real estate properties — many of which are owned by the companies and individuals we serve.
  • Services on these engagements include audits of Low Income Housing Tax Credit Limited Partnerships and commercial residential rental real estate LLC audits whose financial statements flow into upper tier real estate investment pools. We are experienced in understanding the strict deadlines imposed by the investor partners and the requirements of group auditors.
  • A number of these engagements have HUD contracts and as such, these audits are performed in accordance with Federal guidelines. Many of the general partners of these projects are not-for-profit organizations. Our extensive experience with not-for-profits lends itself to assisting the general partners with their unique needs related to real estate development.
  • We have been working with these types of organizations for over 18 years and have worked with projects from inception, through the development stages, performed various certifications including cost certifications and eligibility testing, through to sale or re-syndication.
  • For years, privately held businesses in the real estate industry have turned to the resources and expertise of GYL. Our real estate group provides a wide range of services such as strategic planning, acquisition evaluations, tax structuring and compliance, and financing options.

Due to our depth of experience, we recognize that each business is unique. Our multidisciplinary team will take a close look at your company and help address your particular challenges, identify important opportunities and present innovative solutions that meet your specific needs.

Contact us today, and a GYL Partner will be glad to schedule a free consultation with you.