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At GYL our Firm operates on a solid business structure that is based on current best practices and standards. We offer the highest quality accounting, consulting, and tax services to all of our clients. As a mid-sized firm located in Ontario California, GYL is open to continued growth through a variety of approaches including branching out into new geographic areas outside of the Inland Empire.

We enjoy above-average revenue per FTE staff ratio and have a number of talented and personable staff members with partnership potential. Our Firm billing rate per hour is above the industry norm. Our affiliation with a global network of 10,000+ CPAs and consultants provides instant access to expert resources as well as powerful solutions for your clients without costly overhead and bureaucracy.

It has been nearly 5 years and I tell John often, 'I have made a lot of decisions in my life but the best decision I ever made was merging with GYL.' An arrangement that was based on friendship, loyalty and confidence.

— Dana Cox Formerly, Michael L. Cox and Associates

GYL was created in 1998 through a merger of three firms. Since then, numerous profitable transactions and continued growth has positioned us to be a leader in our marketplace. Our niche and in-depth industry expertise guarantees that your clients will be well-served.

If you’re looking for a change, affiliation, expense sharing, merger, retirement, or an outright sale, contact us today.