What is an IP PIN when filing taxes?

As tax season wraps up, many of us are still struggling with complicated IRS requirements. Between the dense financial language and a sea of forms, it can be difficult to understand what it all means. You may have come across the term “IP PIN” while filing your taxes, but what exactly is it for?

An IP PIN is an Identity Protection Personal Identification Number. This number is a 6 digit code assigned by the IRS to help prevent identity theft and fraud when filing your tax return. Similar to a Social Security Number, this unique code is sent to you via mail and serves as an additional layer of security during filing.

Using your IP PIN

Once you receive your IP PIN from the IRS, you’ll need to use it when filing your taxes. Without an IP PIN, all electronic returns will be rejected and any paper returns will be subjected to more rigorous screenings. If you have trouble finding your IP PIN after requesting it, you may be able to access it online or have it reissued by phone.

There are two primary methods of filing taxes with your IP PIN: filing online or via your CPA. If you choose to file online, you’ll be prompted to enter your IP PIN during the filing process. This ensures that your identity is verified and your tax return is secure. If you prefer to work with a CPA, you can provide them with your IP PIN, and they will include it when submitting your tax return on your behalf.

Making tax season less complicated

At GYL CPA, a Southern California CPA Firm, our team of tax experts understands that tax season can be overwhelming. If you have questions about taxes or need assistance with understanding and using your IP PIN, we’re here to help. We can guide you through the process of finding your IP PIN, filing online, or handling any other tax-related concerns you may have. Additionally, we can help you navigate common tax topics, such as what is the downside of receiving a tax refund, to ensure that you make informed and effective financial decisions. Let us help simplify tax season so you can focus on what matters most.