Rancho Cucamonga coronavirus resources

Like nearly every other part of the country, the Rancho Cucamonga community is facing a public health crisis due to the COVID-19 virus. In terms of resources for coronavirus information, The San Bernardino County Department of Public Health (SBCDPH) is working with the California Department of Public Health and the CDC to provide the latest health-related information to folks in Rancho Cucamonga. 

The SBCDPH website contains valuable information, such as times and locations of community testing events, and specific measures we can take to safely return to a limited number of activities without risking our own health or that of others around us. As we await reliable, widely available testing, treatment protocols, and vaccines, we must proceed cautiously to avoid a new outbreak of the virus from occurring in our community. 

As financial professionals, those of us at GYL, a CPA firm in Rancho Cucamonga, are keeping a close eye on how the pandemic has affected the financial health of both the individuals and small businesses that we serve. The market has been volatile, which creates investor anxiety, and it’s our job to figure out the best approach for our clients to take to mitigate the situation.

Overcoming challenges together

Rancho Cucamonga coronavirus resources are not just limited to providing public health information from the CDC regarding guidelines on what to do to protect yourself from the virus as well as regional data on the number of cases, number of deaths, and testing centers. They also offer resources in vital areas like mental health and housing-related issues, including the eviction moratorium, mortgage relief program, and financial help with housing. 

Specific to businesses, there are instructional videos on the CARES and paycheck protection programs, community grants, and others on the topic of working with either the state or federal government to procure funding for your company during this unprecedented time. 

Positioning your business for a “new normal”

The Rancho Cucamonga community is working together to help each other whether the personal and business consequences of living through the largest pandemic any of us have experienced in our lifetime. Updated information from the city gives our citizens a place to turn for a comprehensive look at both current data on incidence of infection in the region as well as a number of other helpful resources.

Business consulting services, like GYL, can also provide valuable assistance in terms of planning how to move forward and how to adjust your business plan and finances to meet the challenges of life in the time of COVID-19.  Call for a free consultation today if you would like to learn more about how we can serve you.