Business accounting & management tips Q4

Fourth quarter is an excellent time to work toward maximizing end of year profits and get a head start on business planning for 2020. Depending on the nature of your business, this time of year may be your busiest or your quietest. Either way, analyzing aspects such as past fourth quarter performance numbers and future anticipated industry movements provides an opportunity to find ways to improve your Q4 performance going forward.

For example, if your revenue stream peaks during the months of October-December due to end of year consumer spending, an experienced business consultant can help you take advantage of the trend. Coming up with a plan to boost income and streamline expenses can ensure that fourth quarter is not only the busiest time of year for your company, but the most profitable. 

It’s also important to look at your tax strategy at the end of the fiscal year. If revenues have been robust, consider ways to save on taxes, like the write-offs that come from purchasing new equipment or increasing inventory stock. And it’s never too early to begin planning your tax strategy for the upcoming year. 

Now is the time to start planning for next year

Maximizing tax deductions is only achieved by having a solid strategy in place well in advance of filing your return. If you need help implementing a tax plan, contacting your accountant is a good place to start. A good CPA looks at all the ways to reduce your tax burden, improve revenues, and decrease expenses. And they can also help to improve your bottom line by managing debts.

The monthly payments and interest incurred through business debts can take a heavy toll on cash flow. Ask your accountant how you can minimize the burden by reorganizing your debt. They can advise you on how to work with your current lender or even transfer your business loan to another lender in order to achieve more favorable terms. 

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