Manufacturing industry tax credit deductions

On July 1, 2014, California manufacturers and certain research and developers qualified for a partial exemption of sales and use tax on the purchase and/or lease of specified manufacturing and research and development equipment. To be eligible for these manufacturing tax credits, three conditions needed to be met:

  • The taxpayer must be a “qualified person” who is primarily engaged (50% or more of the time) in all forms of manufacturing, R and D in biotechnology, physical, engineering, and life sciences.
  • Purchase “qualified tangible personal property” which includes machinery and equipment as well as their components and parts.
  • Use the qualified tangible personal property in a qualified manner.

As of 2018, California Assembly Bill 398 extended the partial sales and use tax exemption for purchases and/or leases of certain tangible property that are used in manufacturing and R & D activities at the current rate of 3.3125% vs the standard rate of 7.25%.

This exemption was expanded to include agricultural processing and electric power generation, storage, and distribution. The bill also amends the definition of “useful life” to state that tangible personal property has a useful life of one or more years. This provision of the California Assembly Bill 398 applies retroactively to property that was purchased and/or leased on or after July 1, 2014.

Every line item counts

With these changes to tax credits and deductions for the California manufacturing industry, taxpayers who paid tax or were assessed unpaid tax on tangible personal property are entitled to a refund of any taxes paid.

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