Growing industries in the Inland Empire

Located in Southern California, the region covering San Bernardino and Riverside counties is considered the Inland Empire. This area has enjoyed robust job growth since the economic recovery began in 2011. Concentrated in the core industries of logistics, health care and construction, the two counties have created hundreds of thousands of professional jobs. 

With more professional job opportunities opening up in the Inland Empire, the local economy has benefited, leading to higher wages and improvements in infrastructure such as better schools. And, given the nature of the businesses that are moving into the area, the growth levels are expected to continue into the future.

Do you work in one of these industries?

The expected job growth in the Inland Empire of Southern California is primarily in four key areas:

  • Logistics: Recent statistics indicate that job growth in logistics, the business of obtaining, producing and distributing goods, has accounted for nearly a quarter of all new jobs in the Inland Empire over the past decade.
  • Healthcare: The increasing population in the area, along with the fact that the population in general is aging, has led to an increased demand for healthcare workers.
  • Construction: There is still undeveloped land in this part of the state, which is rare given the Los Angeles sprawl. Construction of single-family homes and infrastructure is growing quickly.
  • Professional, management, and scientific work: San Bernardino and Riverside counties continue to experience growth in these sectors which, in turn, attracts those in the professional, college educated workforce. 

Currently, the manufacturing sector of the Inland Empire economy is growing at a slower pace than the others, but that may change due to the availability of open land.

Growing with the economy

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