DIY tax software nightmares

As tax season draws near, you may have noticed an increase in marketing for DIY tax software services. While these programs may seem to be an affordable and easy way to prepare your taxes, there are some downsides to DIY tax software, particularly if you have complex tax issues or lack experience with tax laws. And while doing your own taxes can save you money with fees, there is a risk of overpaying or underpaying if you make a mistake. Plus, some DIY tax services come with a host of hidden fees and customer service nightmares. 

If you have been struggling with tax software this year or are planning ahead for the next tax season, here are some things to consider before purchasing a tax software package. 

Too many ways to go wrong

Filing your own taxes makes the most sense in the case of personal returns and periods of modest income. For business owners or people with complex personal finances, it may be prudent to discuss your taxes with a professional. Even the simplest business taxes are more complex than personal taxes. And those without an aptitude for accounting have experienced stress during tax season.

Personal taxes can also benefit from a professional opinion. Tax software can be suitable for individuals with less complicated returns in some cases. However, if you have had any life changes or are focusing on long term planning towards specific goals, a qualified CPA can help you stay organized and receive the best financial outcome possible. 

A more hands on approach

Want to skip the DIY tax software nightmares? Hire a personal CPA to get your taxes in order. GYL is a California firm that offers accounting and financial consulting services that individuals and businesses alike can rely on. Don’t entrust your finances to a software program that wasn’t designed to be attentive. Call us today.