Construction assurance services

Many construction companies are involved in projects that can involve significant risks as well as costs. In some cases, a construction company has ended up filing for bankruptcy due to poor analysis of the benefits of taking on a project vs the risks involved. Construction assurance auditing can be a very valuable tool, especially when it involves projects that will be planned and executed over a significant period.

An audit is the highest level of construction assurance and can provide your company with advice concerning risk management as well as helping you to identify any weaknesses in the company’s accounting systems. Periodic audits throughout the life of the project can help to identify problems as they arise, determine solutions to them, and improve outcomes.

Accounting services for construction companies can be a great help to addressing some common issues that often arise in today’s construction industry such as revenue recognition, drafting financial statements, lease and purchase accounting, as well as developing strategies to maximize tax savings.

Full service accounting for you company

At GYL, we have put together a team of professional experts in the field of construction assurance services who understand the challenges of the business and who can offer your company innovative solutions to improving it.

GYL offers a wide range of assurance and audit services for construction companies including audited, reviewed, and compiled financial statements. Additional services include forensic and litigation support, tax planning and preparation, financial analysis and cash flow projections, financial reporting in accordance with international financial reporting standards, AR management, and other types of accounting services.

Regardless of your business needs, the professionals at GYL have the experience and expertise to meet all the accounting needs of your construction company. Our team has comprehensive experience when it comes to providing assurance auditing for construction companies of all sizes.

Let us help build a strategy for you

At GYL, the goals of our construction assurance services are to develop and implement an individualized audit approach that considers all areas – cash flow, job cost allocation methodology, bidding procedures, compliance, overhead allocation — that affect your company’s bottom line.

In addition to providing assurance and accounting services for your company, we also provide training on software such as Quickbooks, Master Builder, and American Contractor. Contact our specialists in construction accounting and auditing.