Managing commercial real estate risk before it’s too late

Because the market is constantly fluctuating and tax laws change on a regular basis, it can be hard to perform risk management on your company. At GYL, we have professionals on staff with extensive knowledge and experience in various types of businesses, giving us the unique ability to understand your specific business model and needs. When advising you on managing commercial real estate risk, we take a thorough approach, including analyzing market variables, the financial data you provide, and current tax implications.

We work with all types of properties and businesses because our staff members are not only trained in certified public accounting but have actual experience in the various industries we assess as well. We speak your language when it comes to lending, financial audits and reporting, and business strategy.  

Avoiding a crisis

Of course, we are all aware of the type of commercial real estate crisis that can occur when there isn’t a good system of risk analysis in place. Before you consider adding an investment in rental properties to your portfolio, we can help project potential financial impacts such as tax burdens and estimated income stream.

Even though there are new legal fail-safes in place to help avoid another mortgage lending crisis like the one that happened in 2007, it’s important to protect your investments. The folks at GYL can perform all the necessary financial risk analyses to ensure your investments are sound.

Planning for the unknown

When it comes to the future of your company, no amount of planning is too much. Our goal is to be proactive in our approach to accounting for commercial real estate. We take topics like proposed tax law changes and potential interest rate fluctuations into consideration when analyzing your business and providing financial advice.

The commercial real estate industry is subject to numerous market variables that must be taken into consideration when managing risk. At GYL, it is our mission to ensure the safety of your assets by looking ahead and planning for all potential scenarios.