It’s time for a new CPA. Here’s how you know…

There are certain problems that you may be having with your current CPA that can be easily resolved with better communications. Others, however, may require you to end your business relationship and employ a new accountant. Lack of professionalism is not a matter than can be tolerated when it comes to the sensitive nature of the work that CPAs do for your company. Financial mistakes, lack of understanding of your business and not getting tasks done by their due date are all examples of issues that may have you questioning the professional proficiency of your accountant.

Even if he or she is competent, some CPAs take on too large of a workload or are easily overwhelmed and fail to call back or respond to requests in a timely manner. Lack of responsiveness is a compelling reason to think about firing your old CPA. Timing is important, however, which means you want to make sure they’re not currently in the middle of filing taxes or creating important financial documents.

Fire the current CPA

If you decide it’s time to sever your business relationship, there are certain guidelines with regard to how to fire your business CPA that need to be followed. Have a new accountant lined up in advance to make the transition smoother and ask your old accountant to perform a transfer of documents to this person. Particularly if you’re working on a tax or financial problem, it’s critical that the new CPA is armed with all the data they’re going to need to ensure they’re properly informed.

Once you’ve communicated your desire to fire your old CPA, follow up with a letter sent via certified mail to produce a record of the transaction. Take the time to consider any financial or business accounts to which they had access and change passwords to protect your private information going forward.

Hire a new firm

Firing an associate is not an activity most of us enjoy, but when your business is at stake, you need to find the right individual with whom to form a long-term partnership. Accounting firms for business that have a good track record and excellent client reviews, like GYL, can be the ally you need to help your business function as efficiently as possible and provide a smooth and painless transition.

Call or click today to discuss hiring a new CPA at GYL. We’re here to provide financial advice, tax filings, create business documents and give you the support you need for your business to be successful.