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A carefully planned and executed estate plan can provide you with significant tax and financial benefits and can ensure that your assets are transferred from you to your beneficiaries according to your wishes. Estate planning involves two phases: planning prior to your death — “traditional” estate planning — and after death. While the pre-mortem phase is mostly about planning, the post-mortem phase is more about administration, applying the terms of the estate plan after your death. CPAs should be involved in both phases.

Traditional estate planning involves deciding upon how you’re going to transfer your assets when you die. This includes securities, life insurance, property, cash, bank accounts, vehicles, and any other tangible items that you own. Some estate planning choices include living trusts, wills, joint tenancy, life insurance, and pension plans, to name a few.

Estate planning solutions help you to maximize your income while minimizing your taxes and risk for both you and your beneficiaries. Estate planning also involves “liquidity planning”, identifying assets that can be easily converted to cash so that your beneficiaries can pay taxes, funeral costs, probate and attorney costs, and settle any outstanding debts after you’ve died.

If you’re looking for CPA estate planning services in the San Diego area, GYL offers clients highly accurate, accountable, and proactive tax planning and preparation for estates as well as trusts, divorce and support issues, annual and quarterly tax filings, and more. Unlike other accounting firms, the team of professionals at our San Diego office look at your entire financial picture, both short- and long-term goals, to help maximize your incomes while limiting your liabilities.

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Most people think of lawyers when they hear the term “estate planning”, but, in fact, there are benefits to using a CPA for estate planning. A CPA will make the best decisions on your behalf with respect to tax breaks and deductions as part of a strategy for wealth management. CPAs have an extensive knowledge of taxes, so will take into consideration the tax burden that might befall your beneficiaries, and work to find solutions to minimize this as part of your estate plan. Your CPA will be familiar with your current financial situation and any changes in your life that require changes to your estate plan.

At GYL, we are a full-service tax and financial consulting firm. As such, we offer a full range of services to meet both your immediate as well as your future financial needs. We can help you plan to reach your financial goals through cash flow forecasting which will help you to get a better understanding of your future financial needs and how this impacts your estate plan.

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The professionals at GYL provide customized estate planning and tax services to our San Diego clients. We are proud of the reputation that we have built over the years in the business and banking communities. Looking for a CPA for estate planning and taxes?