Car dealership marketing ideas

We’ve all seen those T.V. ads, with the owner of a local car dealership standing outside on the lot, dressed in a silly costume and shouting at the camera. While there’s no question that this scheme is attention-grabbing, it isn’t a very successful marketing tool. In fact, his kind of in-your-face marketing is liable to drive away potential customers. 

Although advertising is necessary for reaching new customers and keeping your car dealership revenue stream robust, you’re better off devising more subtle, creative ways to reach your customer base. 

Start with the atmosphere on site, which is what drives word-of-mouth recommendations. Offering discounts, amenities, and ensuring your sales team maintains a no-pressure approach are all examples of ways to encourage referrals from satisfied customers. One California dealership went as far as to post a customer bill of rights sign and incorporate a full Starbucks coffee house on the grounds.

Your ads matter

Online ads are an important part of the marketing puzzle. These days, people are doing more and more of their shopping online, so your website should not be an afterthought. 

Hire a creative web design and marketing company that can develop a website that is unique, works seamlessly across all platforms, and allows the customer to see everything from desirable features to the estimated total cost. You want them to feel as though they’ve learned and experienced everything; all that’s left is the test drive. 

Other advertising methods that help increase car dealership sales are print ads and billboards. Again, think outside the box. It’s nearly impossible to distinguish one dealership from the next in many of these ads. 

You want to capture attention in a crowded market. One dealership in New York did this by literally printing the text upside-down on both their billboards and print ads. The idea was that they were turning car-buying on its head. 

More car sales — more dealership revenue

If you want to sell more cars, you need to get creative and figure out how to distinguish your brand. If your car dealership marketing techniques are like every other dealership in the area, you’re not going to get your money’s worth.

As marketing drives your sales up, make sure you get the most out of your finances. Auto dealership accounting is a highly specialized area and requires partnering with a CPA firm, like GYL, that has experts on staff with decades of experience working within the field. Call today to schedule a consultation and find out about our comprehensive accounting and business consulting services.